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  • It’s important that your learners know how you will communicate with them. Inform them and set expectations at the start of the course.
    • Will you communicate via Course News, D2L email, myBCIT email, or some other system?
    • How frequently will you respond to e-mails, discussion postings, or assignment feedback?
  • Communicating on a regular basis will help keep your learners motivated and on-task.

Course News

  • By default this tool sits front and centre in the most prominent area of your course home page. Learners will see these announcements as soon as they navigate to their course.
  • Enables text announcements that have images, links (to external sites and internal course resources), and embedded audio, video and multimedia.
  • News posts are programmable to be released based on a variety of criteria:
    completion of assignments or assessments
    group membership
  • Announcements can be personalized with each learners’ name to attract attention.
  • Easy to create, edit and delete.
  • Announcements can be copied into other course offerings (a future class of students, for example).

D2L email

  • Consider this a course messaging system – one-to-one or one-to-many in nature.
  • D2L email is archived, so it can be good for formal communication that you might need to access at a later date.
  • Messages can include file attachments, all types of links, and media integration.

Calendar and Events

  • This tool enables reminders, weekly announcements, and due dates.
  • Calendar events automatically show-up in the Events listing on the default course home page.

Discussion Postings

  • Forums can be created for course news and instructor announcements.
  • Learners can respond with questions or comments.


Alternatives include communicating via phone, a class blog or wiki, an external e-mail, or myBCIT e-mail.