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Six tools have the ability to program actions based on start and/or end dates. At the beginning of a new term you can use the Manage Dates tool to change all the dates for these tools with a few simple steps. Dates can be changed individually, or all at once, by rolling them forward a specified number of days; the Learning Hub will make the calculation for you.

1 Preparation:You will be changing your dates from those that came over when you rolled over your course in preparation for term start. Until you change them, the dates in your new delivery instance will be identical to those in the course you copied.

 Your last term’s dates become your current term’s dates – until you change them.

 Prior to starting you should have an idea of where the dates are used (either start dates or end dates, or both) for the following tools:

  1. News
  2. Discussions
  3. Quizzes
  4. Assignments
  5. Content
  6. Grades

You should also be ready to make a decision as to how you will rollover the dates. You have two options:

1. Change each date individually

  • Use this method if you are making changes to dates in relation to each other.  For example: you want to change some assignment due dates from Friday last term to Monday this term, to give students more time to complete the assignment.

2. Change all the dates at once automatically

  • Use this method if the dates will be staying the same in relation to each other. For example: every Monday last term stays every Monday this term.
2 Picking the Tools:

  1. Go to your online course and select Edit Course (upper right).
  2. Go to Manage Dates (under Site Resources).
  3. You have two options. All is default, or you can pick Specific Tools, then the ones you want to work with, as in the following example where the Assignment and News tools have been selected:
  1. Apply Filter.
  2. The Assignment and News items that have either a start or end date, or both, are visible.
  3. You will see the Name of the item and the current dates (those that came over from your copied instance).
3 Resetting Dates – Option 1 = Edit Dates:

  1. You will be setting the dates you want for the items you want, one at a time, or in groups.
  2. Knowing the date you want, checkbox the items that you will be applying that date to.
  3. Click the Edit Dates button.
  4. For each of the Start and End Dates you can Set the date or Remove the Date.
  5. You can also add or remove each item from the Calendar in this step.
  6. Use the pull down menus to Set/Add or Remove.
  7. Save.
Resetting Dates – Option 2 = Offset Dates:

  1. You will be Offsetting Dates by a calculated number of days.

E.g. Your classes started on Tuesday April 2nd last term, but start on Thursday September 12th this term. The Learning Hub will calculate the number of days difference and move all your dates forward by … 163 days.

  1. Knowing the date you want to set (forwards or backwards), checkbox the items that you will be applying this change to.
  2. Click the Offset Dates button.
  3. Do you want to offset Both, Start or End dates?
  4. Days:
    1. Forward means dates will be moved forward by a number you input.
    2. Backwards means dates will be moved backwards by a number you input.
    3. Calculated, based on two dates, means the Learning Hub will do the work for you.

i.      Pick the From date: the starting reference date for your calculation. In our example it is the start date of last term.

ii.      Pick the To date: the corresponding date in the current term that will be used for your calculation. In our example it is the starting date of the new term.

  1. Calculate will calculate the difference in days: the number of days you selected dates will be moved by.
  2. Save.
Article #: HC-215