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Program Assistants and Program Heads/Chief Instructors are able to add “participants” (example: students) to an online course which is faster than adding each student individually.

Create an Excel file and populate the cells/columns according to the sample below. Or run a COGNOS report from banner, choose to modify the report in Excel. Modify the columns to include only the following details and save as csv file (MS-DOS):


Sample one (3 columns for a regular CRN):
BCIT ID#   Section Code      Participant Role (Omit these titles in your Excel file)
A00999999 39384.201910 Student
A00888888 39384.201910 Student
A007777777 39384.201910 Student

Sample two (3 columns for a CRN with sections or an x-list course):
BCIT ID#   Section Code      Participant Role (Omit these titles in your Excel file)
A00999999 sec – 39384.201910 Student
A00888888 sec – 39384.201910 Student
A007777777 sec – 39384.201910 Student

Sample three (2 columns if there are no sections or using a manually created course):
BCIT ID#   Participant Role (Omit these titles in your Excel file)
A00999999     Student
A00888888     Student

From the online course, select Course Tools, Class List, Add Participants
Choose “Import Users From File”
From Import Files, BROWSE to the saved csv file and click on “Import”
It should import and show you who is uploaded (with their name) and any errors.

– Participant role is “Student” NOT the Student name
– To locate the Section Code:
Select “Edit course”
Select “Sections”
Copy the Section Code, not the Section Name. (examples: 39384.201910 or Sec – 10444.201910)

– If only one person (or a few) need to be added to a course, follow these instructions: Enroll a person