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Please note the following when using using Blackboard Collaborate for Mac:

Try the Firefox browser instead of using Safari.  (Java seems to activate from Firefox better.)

You will need to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. This is a one-time download for using Collaborate:

Important Steps: Installing the Launcher on Mac

The Blackboard Collaborate™ Launcher is a new utility for users on Mac OS 10.8.4+ systems that simplifies the process for joining Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions. Several recent updates to Java issued by Oracle, coupled with Apple’s new security measures around Java on the Mac, created a barrier for participants to easily attend Collaborate sessions and resulted in an increasingly disruptive user experience.

Using the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher
When a participant using Mac OS 10.8.4+ joins a Collaborate session, they are prompted to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. Once the one-time download is unpacked, a .collab file is downloaded to their system. Users simply double-click the .collab file to join a Collaborate session. The Launcher download can be done in advance or just prior to attending the Collaborate session.