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The notifications tool in the Learning Hub (D2L) is tricky to figure out and, you may get notifications from old courses if the instructor of that course starts making edits and changes in it.

If you are getting unwanted notifications you’ll need to get into your notifications area and either turn it off completely or exclude courses that are finished so you only get notifications from current courses.

Accessing the Notification menu

Log into the Learning Hub and click on your name at the top right and select Notifications from the drop down menu.

Option 1 – turn it all off.

To turn it off, delete your email select Never in the Summary of Activity area and untick all Instant Notifications. Untick Customize Notifications and click save.

Option 2 – Exclude completed courses

To just exclude old courses, you’ll leave the settings as is, but you’ll click the “Manage my course exclusions” link at the bottom of the page. Now exclude your old courses and leave the current ones as is.

Each term you’ll need to do it again to exclude the ones that are finished so you’ll only get notifications from your current term’s courses.


Article #: HC-905