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  1. Adding a document to ShareSpace is quick and easy.  It is very helpful start from the place in SharePoint where you want to store the document – all the way to the level of which course you would like to have the document.
  2. Note that effectively, if you are in Perioperative, the document will end up in Perioperative, but it’s easier to view your results if you are putting an item into NSCC 7100 area if you name the document including those two Prefix and Course number items and then when you upload the document, it will be easier to see it without resorting.
  3. For documents that are not specifically named under a course number, communicate with those in your School/department to have a naming strategy that will work for you.
  4. For example, if I wish to add a document to Perioperative NSPO 7450, I would get to this screen:Pg 17 screen shot 1
  5. This screen has been made by using the pull down menu and selecting only those in NSPO 7450 – just like you would do in a filter in Excel.
  6.  Then click Documents:Pg 17 screen shot 2
  7. Within documents, you can choose to Upload document, see above.
  8.  When you click Upload Document, it’s just like when you attach a document in an email.  It appears as such:Pg 18 screen shot
  9. Click on the Browse button and follow the path to your document and click ok.  Should you wish to add some Version comments, you may do so at this point (before clicking ok).
  10. Note that the Upload Document will also allow you to Upload Multiple Documents.  Note that you won’t be able to provide property details for each document at a time, when you do it this way.
  11. Once you have uploaded your document, then you will be asked to check it in.  Then go back into the document and edit properties, to be sure that the document is named the way you want.  This is helpful for when you wish to go back into it later.



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